The max time for all tanning units is designed for all skin types.  Every one has their own “max time” that works best for them. Let one of our tanning techs suggest the best level and time for you!

You’re skin works like your muscles when going to the gym, you have to switch up your routine to see new results.  Change up your exposure by upgrading or downgrading to a different level, and take your tan to the next level!

Cleanliness, bulb changes and machine maintenance all play a key role in the tanning process. With our own maintenance team, we ensure our state of the art equipment is well maintained to provide optimal results and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed! Replacing lamps in our sun equipment 30+ hours ahead of their life guarantees your sapphire tan never fades!  Our professionally trained staff, using only hospital grade sanitizers, makes sure your tanning room is freshly prepared for each and every guest!

Tanning works opposite of how our brains will tell us when first starting out. The higher the level the more bronzing, while the lower the level is more reddening. This directly relates to the amount of UV-A (bronzing ray) being emitted by EAH tanning bulb.  We allows suggest to start at a higher level, with lower time, to build a strong base!

When you don’t use a lotion it takes your skin 6 minutes to begin absorbing the UV rays, with a professional indoor tanning lotion this process begins within the first 60 seconds! Don’t waste have your session, always use a lotion!

A bottle of lotion has the equivalent of 18-27 packets each, oz for oz, depending on the size of the bottle, 9-13.5oz.

In order to not get an uneven tone when doing spray tans always wait until your current spray is completely faded. Spray tans last 5-9 days all depending on your after care regimen. *see Services page

Moisturized skin tans better, keeps a tan longer! Moisturize daily for best results!