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Tanning Tips

How long should my first tanning session be and how often should I tan?
Do I have to wear eyewear?
Can I tan naked?
Why do you recommend tanning indoors over outdoors?
What are these dry, white patches on my back, chest, and/or arms?
Why do I sometimes smell bad after tanning?
Can I Take Medications While Tanning?
What Causes An Itch After Tanning?
How Do I Protect A Fresh Tattoo?

Mystic Tan Tips

The Mystic tan is completely cosmetic and completely UV-Free.  It comes in two shades-and we can help you choose the one that is best suited for your skin tone and the result that you want.  The spray itself takes only a few minutes and it generally lasts between four to six days.

What you need to know before you do the Mystic Tan:
What you need to know after you do the Mystic Tan:
How long does the Mystic Tan application take?
How long does the Mystic Tan application last?
Is there a person that will apply the Mystic Tan for me?/Do I have to get undressed in front of anyone?

Can I wear a swimsuit while doing the Mystic Tan?
Will the Mystic Tan stain my clothes?
Does the Mystic Tan look fake or "orange?"
What about my hair?
How long do I have to wait between Mystic Tan Sessions?
Does the Mystic Tan look streaky or fade looking "spotty?"
Will the Mystic Tan provide a sufficient base tan before I go on vacation?
Is the Mystic Tan safe?

Lotion Tips

I think I tan better without a lotion, so why should I use one?
Why should I use an indoor tanning lotion/accelerator? Does it really make a difference?
How are tanning salon lotions better than what I can purchase at the drugstore or supermarket?
What is a tingle?

BioEnergizer Detox Foot Spa

This patented system is designed to relax your feet and extract the toxins that your body can’t filter out on its own.  Within 30 minutes you will be able to see and feel the results.  Make your appointment today!

How long does the treatment take?
Will I feel any sensation during the treatment?
Will I suffer any side effects from the treatment?
Do I need to do anything during the treatment?
How many treatments should I have?
How long should I wait between treatments?
Is there anyone who should not have treatments?
Why does the water change color?