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Tanning Tips

How long should my first tanning session be and how often should I tan?
Do I have to wear eyewear?
Can I tan naked?
Why do you recommend tanning indoors over outdoors?
What are these dry, white patches on my back, chest, and/or arms?
Why do I sometimes smell bad after tanning?
Can I Take Medications While Tanning?
What Causes An Itch After Tanning?
How Do I Protect A Fresh Tattoo?

Mystic Tan Tips

The Mystic tan is completely cosmetic and completely UV-Free.  It comes in two shades-and we can help you choose the one that is best suited for your skin tone and the result that you want.  The spray itself takes only a few minutes and it generally lasts between four to six days.

What you need to know before you do the Mystic Tan:
What you need to know after you do the Mystic Tan:
How long does the Mystic Tan application take?
How long does the Mystic Tan application last?
Is there a person that will apply the Mystic Tan for me?/Do I have to get undressed in front of anyone?

Can I wear a swimsuit while doing the Mystic Tan?
Will the Mystic Tan stain my clothes?
Does the Mystic Tan look fake or "orange?"
What about my hair?
How long do I have to wait between Mystic Tan Sessions?
Does the Mystic Tan look streaky or fade looking "spotty?"
Will the Mystic Tan provide a sufficient base tan before I go on vacation?
Is the Mystic Tan safe?

Lotion Tips

I think I tan better without a lotion, so why should I use one?
Why should I use an indoor tanning lotion/accelerator? Does it really make a difference?
How are tanning salon lotions better than what I can purchase at the drugstore or supermarket?
What is a tingle?